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Why choose us
We do not sell trackers, we automate the business processes associated with the fleet
We have a staff of programmers and develop product on a daily basis
We offer a wide range of services=from the dismantling of the tank to the remote dispatch
We use only high-quality equipment and provide a guarantee
Stages of cooperation
  • 1
    Definition of tasks

    We talked with you tasks that today need to decide and describe in detail what else can be useful satellite monitoring of transport for your business

  • 2
    Selection decisions

    We will offer the best solution that will meet your objectives and budget. We describe the implementation of telematics steps so as to obtain the maximum financial impact of the introduction of

  • 3
    Equipment installation and configuration of the system

    Installation is carried out by our experts on compliance with rules and regulations of a quality installation. All the elements are sealed in order to avoid sabotage. The software is customized with the features of your business and wishes to the functionality of the product

  • 4

    Satellite monitoring - this is not the individual employee and the employee's tool. We will train your staff to use the system so that you can maximize its use

  • 5
    Information gathering and analysis of the dynamics of

    Collection system operating parameters and the analysis of their fleet dynamics - an important stage in the use of transport telematics. We automate the process as much as possible and take care of the reliability of the data

  • 6
    Reaction to indicators

    Now all the information about the fleet is available in full. Affects precisely those measures that will bring maximum results at minimum cost resources.

  • 7
    Financial result

    Without this point all previous does not make sense. Integration sputnivogo monitoring should reduce your expenses and increase revenues. Otherwise - something is not right. Be sure to sum up in nedreniya every 2-3 years and subtotals every 6-12 months.

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